Local and federal agencies in New Jersey report a significant spike in antisemitic incidents since the Israel-Hamas war began. James Dennehy, Special Agent in Charge of the Newark FBI field office, said. “Since October 7th, we've seen a tremendous spike in bias incidents and hate incidents,” as much as "few hundred percentage points increase." which of those, 75% have been antisemitic in nature.

The total number of bias crimes investigated by the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force increased by 124% (from 45 to 101) in October, led by a 214% spike in anti-Jewish incidents (from 22 to 69), the NYPD said Thursday.

Overall hate crime investigations year to date trended down, with a decrease of 9% (from 531 to 485), according to the NYPD.

Nationwide, the Anti-Defamation League said last month it had recorded a "significant spike in antisemitic incidents" since Oct. 7.

According to preliminary data from the ADL Center on Extremism, 312 incidents of harassment, vandalism and assault were recorded from Oct. 7 to Oct. 23 -- a 388% increase over the same period last year, when the ADL received reports of 64 such incidents, the organization said. More than half of the recent incidents (190) were directly linked to the Israel-Hamas war, the ADL said.

Even before the latest conflict, reports of anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. had reached an all-time high in 2022, according to the ADL.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned last month of an increase in anti-Semitic hate attacks occurring in the U.S. amid the Israel-Hamas war.

"Targeted violence attacks may increase as the conflict progresses," the assessment said.