Very significant changes have hit the car insurance industry, and more are coming.

In addition to some carriers no longer accepting drivers with even one moving violation or other minimal events on their record, a bill signed into law this summer, but which just went into effect in January, raises the minimum coverages for multiple categories of coverage. Drivers affected by the minimum coverage increases can expect about $125 more a year for the additions. By January of 2024, minimum liability jumps to $35,000.

Category of Coverage2022 State Mandated Minimum2023 State Mandated Minimum
Accidents in which one or more person is killed or injured$30,000$50,000

There are also numerous auto insurance providers who have filed for significant increases. Among them now is  RLI which has filed for an increase that will lead to a 9.9% (or higher) rate hike for the same coverage in 2023 as one had in 2022. 

A letter notifying a local policyholder of a potential 9.9% (or more) raise in coverage.