It's no secret that the traffic situation in town is rough, especially during the high peak hours of the day. Many roads seem to grind to a halt. It's not uncommon to see videos being passed along of a drivers' doing reckless or foolish antics on the road. word on the street is that every trip you take around Lakewood is like driving through a stunt course. However, amidst the chaos, it is important to recognize the unsung heroes of our streets – the many polite and courteous drivers making a positive difference.

In my experiences I have encountered countless drivers who are both courteous and polite. They exemplify the essence of kindness on the road. Whether it's allowing others to merge In front of them onto Route 9 or graciously making way for those trying to make a left turn. These instances of goodwill should not go unnoticed. While navigating through Lakewood may sometimes feel like a pressure cooker, with everyone rushing to their respective destinations, a significant community of respectful and considerate drivers contributes to a more pleasant driving experience.

-Positive Driven