This morning, state officials briefed the media outside the Jackson Mills Fire Station on the state of control over the Glory Fire. The fire has spread to 70 acres, but firefighters from local and regional agencies worked through the night to secure a perimeter around it. They have completely encircled the fire and could theoretically call it 100% contained. However, they are only considering it 70% contained because there is a very unlikely, but small chance it could jump the line until they strengthen the perimeter. Firefighters were on the scene this morning on Pamela Court, working towards that goal. Dale Carey of the NJ Forest Fire Service stated that seven type-6 trucks were working to secure the fire. Carey is hopeful that they will achieve 100% containment by the end of today but mentioned that the acreage could still grow.
At one point, 50 structures were threatened. According to Trevor Raynor of the NJ Forest Fire Service, today there are 15 structures still threatened, and efforts continue to secure them.
All road closures in the area have been lifted, allowing traffic to flow as usual. Raynor expressed gratitude to the Ocean County, Burlington County, and Monmouth County Fire Marshals and Coordinators for their collaboration in containing the conflagration.