In its continued commitment to the Central Jersey Communities, HCJ has once again increased its membership roll by adding 25new members to serve in Lakewood and all its surrounding towns. The unprecedented growth our area has witnessed over the past few years has required HCJ to grow its membership and fleet to be able to deliver quality emergency care to all our communities. In addition to adding new members to the membership roll, HCJ has also placed into service two new ambulances this month alone as well two more brand new ambulances in December and four more on order for next year.HCJ now operates 15 ambulances, 6 Paramedic units, in its fleet and over 200 members consisting of dispatchers, EMT’s Paramedics, PA’s, RN’s, NP’s, psychologists, social workers and physicians.

Along with growth comes many challenges. HCJ wouldn’t be content with just having members available to cover calls butinsists that those members be able to deliver the highest quality care possible in an emergency setting. This means that all the growth must be done in a responsible way. All new membersundergo extensive training both in class and in the field before being allowed to respond to calls as a first responder. The training will be given by HCJ in-house training committee comprised of three paramedics and one PA. HCJ looks forward to integrating the new members into its overall operations soonand wishes them tremendous success.

As part of its continued commitment to not only providing quality care, but also maintaining patient privacy to the highest level, HCJ has recently purchased a brand-new radio system for the entire membership. This new radio system is an investment of close to one million dollars that will deliver a digital fully encrypted radio system to the membership. This would mean that only HCJ members will be able to hear HCJ transmissions. In addition, the new radio system will have full GPS capabilities, fully integrated in our new previously announced HCAD system, that will be able to show the dispatchers where the members are when they respond so that the closest units can be dispatched to the call-in real time. This system is expected to go live over the next three months.

As HCJ continues to grow we daven that the services of HCJ never be needed with the coming of Moshiach BmehairaBeyomeinu.