Last motzei shabbos, HT Bussing held a safety meeting with Committeeman Menashe Miller and Lt. Twokorski of the LPD. Each bus company is required to meet three times a year to discuss matters related to their routes, bus safety and any other concerns which need to be addressed. Committeeman Miller recounted an incident from his youth, recalling how he saw the first three frum drivers for Lakewood Cheder on their daily routes. Today, each of those drivers merited having great talmidei chachamim in their families or children. Committeeman Miller attributed this to the zechus of bringing the community's children to school to learn every day.
Drivers were also given a chance to voice concerns on various road or driving related matters. The conversation covered crossing guards at various intersections, traffic lights at key intersections like James and Williams. or Massachusetts and Prospect as well as the difficulty of navigating certain streets. One notable roadway that came up was Linden Ave, which, when occupied by cars on both sides, is unpassable.