With accusations of anti-Semitism fired in all direction surrounding the Toms River mayoral campaign, much of the discussion surrounds the term “Lakewood-style development.”

Thrice-censured Toms River Councilman Dan Rodrick insists on using the term in his campaign materials. The development underway in Toms River is mostly state-mandated affordable housing; but Rodrick insists on linking it to Lakewood.

On Tuesday, OCGOP club chairman George Gilmore called for a wide condemnation of Rodrick by county and state elected officials over Rodrick’s insistence on the term “Lakewood style development.”

“The actions by Mo Hill and Dan Rodrick are disgraceful and have no place in our party,” Gilmore said. “We have seen this before when others have tried to divide the residents of our county using the same hateful rhetoric… I am calling on every Republican – commissioners, legislators, and local leaders alike – to join me in condemning this abhorrent behavior.”

Today, Rodrick defended his use of the term, Shore News reports. Rodrick said the term represents a disregard for zoning laws and allows for crowded and nonconforming overdevelopment that includes large high-density multi-family housing complexes, hi-rise buildings in downtown Toms River and the razing of all available open space for dense housing developments.

“Lakewood-style development means cramming huge buildings, massive apartment buildings, and anything else that fits on any available piece of land, with complete disregard to zoning laws,” Rodrick responded today. “Toms River residents don’t want that, but Chairman Gilmore does. He works for and with developers who want to build on every available piece of land in our town, including Ciba Geigy. He’s a lobbyist for the development industry; of course, he and his candidate want Lakewood-style development in Toms River; it’s how he’s trying to make a living these days.”

Does that sound like a clarification?