The Jackson Township Council, on Tuesday 2-13-24, will consider for introduction an ordinance adding a Director of Law and Public Safety position, the council said in a statement.

This position will act as a liaison between the Jackson Police Department, and the Township Administration. Council President Jennifer Kuhn said she and fellow council members met and spoke with the Jackson PBA Unions and that the unions strongly recommended the addition of the Director of Public Safety position.


The Township Council will vote on this ordinance at next Tuesday's February 12th regular township council meeting.

Under the proposed ordinance, the Director of Public Safety position does not replace the Chief of Police or eliminate the position. Instead, this force-multiplying role will be tasked with helping make corrective recommendations to the administration such as; budgeted items, report on police department-related issues to the township, establish police performance and standards policy, and stay ahead of ever-changing New Jersey state mandates for reporting and accountability of local police departments as directed by the New Jersey Attorney General's Office.