Do you have a neighbor that wasn't as fortunate as you- to grow up as a frum yid? Have you ever wondered, "what can I do to help him taste the sweetness of yiddishkeit?"
If so, join the Just One Challah initiative from JX, the Jewish Experience!
Just One Challah is an initiative being launched this week as a simple and meaningful way to connect with your community and spread some Oneg Shabbos.

You can choose from any of three methods of participation:

  • Option 1: Deliver your own homemade challah to a neighbor who doesn’t usually have challah for Shabbos. You can use your favorite recipe or add a challah into your cart when you're shopping for Shabbos.
  • Option 2: Pick up a challah from the Brukirer family of Meor JX, at 327 Frank Applegate Rd, Jackson NJ. They will have challahs ready for you every Friday afternoon. You can call 646-342-2174 to reserve your challah on Thursday. Limited availability.

No matter which option you choose, you will be making someone’s Shabbos more special and creating a bond of friendship and kindness. You will also be supporting JX’s mission of community outreach and Jewish education. And you will be building bridges with your Jewish neighbors, who may appreciate your gesture and perhaps even join you in celebrating Shabbos.

No need to sign up for the Just One Challah initiative, you can just do it on your own!

Just One Challah is brought to you by Meor JX, the Jewish Experience, which has college campus programs across 11 universities in NJ, NY and Chicago. To learn more about JX and its mission, please visit

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference in your neighborhood and enjoy some yummy challah. Join the Just One Challah initiative today!

Rabbi Mendy Brukirer (4th from right) at a MEOR JX shabbaton in Tallymawr. With Rabbi Binyomin Weinrib, students, and volunteers.