Jackson Township Mayor Michael Reina and the Jackson Township Council are studying the feasibility of expanding the parking lot for the police department at the Jackson Justice Complex.

Upon the invitation of the P.B.A., Council President Kuhn and Councilman Burnstein recently attended the monthly P.B.A. meeting. At the meeting, union members mentioned that due to the department’s steady increase of personnel, the department has been using the adjacent county library and park parking lot for overflow. Kuhn and Burnstein contacted the Reina Administration relating to the parking concerns.  

This week, Kuhn, Council Vice-President Scott Sargent, DPW head Shawn Bolinsky, and Business Administrator Terence Wall reviewed the area to be used for the expansion. Over the next several months, the township will continue to study the parking lot adjacent to police headquarters to see whether or not the department can store their vehicles in a more suitable and secure location.