At the meeting this past Wednesday at Lakewood High School, representatives from the Lakewood PD, Ocean County Prosecutors Office, and the US Department of Justice were present to discuss the community's challenges, particularly law enforcement and law enforcement criminal justice issues.

Religious leaders were also in attendance, recognizing the importance of their role in community-building and their ability to unite people. They stressed the significance of promoting mutual respect, understanding, and compassion to address the problems faced by the community.

The main objective of the meeting was to foster communication and collaboration among the different groups. Participants engaged in open discussions, sharing their perspectives and experiences to promote understanding and identify potential solutions. The event highlighted the importance of building relationships and trust among the community members, which is essential for creating a safe and harmonious environment.

Overall, the meeting was a successful effort toward building a stronger, more cohesive community that can work together to address the challenges that Lakewood and its residents face.