Dear Lakewood,

I am very excited for the upcoming Yom Tov of Shavuos. 2 days spent with family celebrating that we are the Am Ha’nivchar. How special we are!

I believe if we address the following point, we can make this Yom Tov even more special. My 8th grade son keeps talking about how excited he is to stay up Shavuos night and learn with his friends. He even has a whole schedule of the different Chavrusos he’ll be learning with over the course of the night. (He has 5 different chavrusos set up throughout the night!). My little tzaddikle wilI definitely start off the night shteiging, but I’m pretty sure the second half of the night he’ll be spending at the table of refreshments and coffee that’s put out for those who are learning. Him along with many of his friends end up shmoozing, hocking, debating about everything under the sun, except the Torah.

I tried telling him to arrange chavrusos until 2:30am (very late for a 13 year old) and then call it a night. But he wouldn’t hear of it. He says that he’s not a baby and there’s no reason why he can’t stay up the entire night like all his friends. (Besides for the fact that the next day he’ll be tired and cranky and very unpleasant to be around).

Why can’t the Rabbeim tell their talmidim that staying up a whole night is not a mitzvah Deoraysah and it’s ok to only learn half the night. This will help get rid of all the peer pressure and social anxiety.

- Hoping for a pleasant Yom Tov