At the last LFD meeting, the commissioners approved sending four fire department members to the Fire Departments Instructors Conference in Indianapolis this April for a total not to exceed $10,000. The expenditure was approved in a 3-1 vote. Commissioner Larry Loigman, who typically takes a very conservative position on budget matters, was the only vote to challenge the expense and also questioned who was going to represent the LFD at the event. Commissioners Steinberg, Pfeffer, and Gold all voted in favor of the trip. Commissioner Bender was absent.

The FDIC event is basically a trade show where purveyors from around the country showcase state-of-the-art firefighting technologies. While there is certainly a benefit in being there firsthand to observe these tools, Loigman maintains that the LFD could utilize this money in better ways and still remain aware of potential additions to equipment technology or other apparatus to fight fires effectively.