The yungeleit that will form the founding members of the new community kollel in Orlando, Florida, met with the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Malkiel Kotler, shlita, for a launch lchaim today.

The community and kollel development team of Beis Medrash Govoha has been working on the Orlando Kollel for over two years. The work finally came to frutition, when the Rosh Kollel, founding baalei batim, local rav, and first yungeleit completed their agreements. They marked the event today, together with the Rosh Yeshiva.

The Rosh Kollel of the new Kollel is Rav YomTov Goldberger, a longtime Rosh Chabura in the yeshiva. The five yungeleit are R’ Yossi Tepfer, R’ Binymin Wachman, R’ Yitzchok Bernstein, R’ Barak Taragin, and R’ Mordechai Littman.

The group are now working on housing in the local Orlando community, and will move in time for Elul Zman, G-d willing.

Left to right: Rabbi Yaakov Shulman, Rabbi Elimelech Mitnick, one of the yungeleit, Rabbi Waxman (menahel of the school in Orlando), Rabbi Kramer, rav of the shul in Orlando, Rav Zev Munk (a community Kollel activist from Houston), Rosh Kollel Rav Yomtov Goldberger, Orlando community member Meir Rosenwasser, four of the yungeleit, Rabbi Sroy Levitansky (BMG Kollel team), Rabbi Moshe Katz, Rabbi Yosef Heineman.