Phillip I. Brilliant, who has emerged as leader of the opposition to Dan Rodrick's police reform, has announced a press conference on Wednesday, February 14, just before the Toms River Council meeting. Protesters will later enter the meeting.

On Wednesday, February 14, 2024 at 1PM, residents of Toms River will gather for a press conference at the Washington Street entrance to Town Hall to voice support for the Toms River Police Department, immediately before the 2PM council meeting. 

On the agenda for the special council meeting called by Council President Coleman and Mayor Rodrick is a proposed ordinance, scheduled for final reading, that will eliminate two captain positions, officer positions and the information officer, whom Mayor Rodrick already fired after speaking up at the January 18, 2024 Council Meeting. 

The speakers will address the mayor's lack of facts, transparency, the public's concern for their health and safety, as well as Mayor Rodrick's attempts to quiet the voices of the residents.  At the conclusion of the press conference all will enter the meeting as one - THE RESIDENTS OF TOMS RIVER

All are encouraged to attend.  For more information go to our Facebook page "Toms River Residents for Transparency."

Phillip I. Brilliant