Governor Phil Murphy released the following statement today after the the House Republicans made an attempt shutdown the federal government.

“President Biden has worked in good faith on a bipartisan basis with leaders in both the House and Senate to craft an agreement that funds core priorities, including our military and air travel.

“Now here comes the extremist wing of the Republican Party – bases loaded, bottom of the ninth, score tied – hellbent on making an unforced error. It’s clear they lack both the will to govern or even the slightest desire to do right by the people who elected them. These extreme House Republicans have turned their backs on the bipartisan budget deal President Biden negotiated with Congress, and now Speaker McCarthy has allowed their chaos to march us toward a government shutdown that will damage our economy and national security.

“A protracted government shutdown would have devastating consequences on New Jersey’s economy and on our national security. Servicemembers wouldn’t get their paychecks, travelers could face airport delays, and critical cancer research would be stalled. It is completely avoidable and extreme House Republicans need to stop playing political games with peoples’ lives and keep the government open.

“We will be monitoring developments closely to minimize any impact on the people of New Jersey. This is yet another reason why I have pushed for a more robust surplus over the last six years. New Jersey is much better prepared today for such contingencies."