Update: 02/07: After nearly a year & a half of waiting, the traffic light at the intersection of Teaberry Court & County Line is seemingly finally active. Hopefully, one won't have to wait that long at the light itself.

Update 01/31: The traffic light on Teaberry Court & County Line was fully active for a short few hours yesterday but has been flashing yellow since.

Update 01/24: The new traffic light at the intersection of County Line Road and Teaberry Court is inactive, although it was scheduled to be operational today.

The light on it's set to be active day.

UPDATE 07/12: JCPL has installed the electric meter for this light. It is now up to the county to activate the light.

A new traffic signal has been installed at the intersection of County Line Road and Teaberry Court, but it may take months for JCP&L to connect it to the electrical grid.

County Line is an Ocean County-owned road, and the new signal was installed by contractors working for the county government. The Ocean County Engineering Department approved the traffic light after a 2016 petition gathered over 500 signatures demanding one.

The end of Teaberry Court, approaching the intersection, has been made into a “No standing” zone. About 100 feet of curb have been painted yellow. The light will also have a left-turn arrow.

Lakewood Township will pay to operate the signal.