Lakewood's recent planning board meeting was electrified by the presence of over 200 yungerleit from Kollel Cheshek Shlomo and BMG, who listened intently for hours as the board members discussed and debated a project that could affect not only them, but potentially every yungerman choosing to steep himself in limud haTorah.

Kollel Cheshek Shlomo, which is been renowned for its emphasis on alleviating the worldly concerns of its yungerleit, is stepping in with an initiative that aims to offer 56 affordable residences exclusively for yungerleit, reducing the financial strain of rent and mortgage expenses.
Along with the homes, plans are in place to construct a new daycare center to fill the childcare needs of the kollel families.

Strategically located near the kollel, this development fosters a supportive community, minimizing lengthy commutes and enhancing focus on limud haTorah and family life. The project not only benefits yungerleit but also presents a potential model for future kollelim, revolutionizing living conditions for avreichim.

As for Lakewood as a whole, the development promises a reduction in traffic, particularly in the morning rush hours and during afternoon pickup times, as its kollel members would no longer be required to sit on the road since everything they need would be situated within walking distance of their homes.

The next Planning Board hearing for this transformative project is scheduled for Tuesday, February 6, at the Lakewood Municipal Building. Participation is encouraged, as the approval of this project could have revolutionary effects for lomdei Torah globally.