Since its TikTok videos went viral several months ago, Miami Boys Choir has been inundated with requests for collaboration and production from top national artists and producers.

Miami’s founder, Rabbi Yerachmiel Begun, turned them all down.

Watch as his son, Lakewood’s Chananya Begun, founder of the Young Talent Initiative, details the items in the video below:

“Here are three things that the Miami boys choir turned down over the last eight months just to keep their values in place.

  • 1. Record labels: Some of the world's biggest record labels sent MBC term sheets and contracts ready to go. They were given the opportunity to go on Jimmy Fallon and lots of other shows- a lot of money upfront, potentially worth millions over the long term. MBC turned it down to keep its values in place, to not to turn it into a commercial thing that's going to get away from their deeper mission and values. They turned that entire thing down.
  • 2. One of the world's biggest singer’s manager reached out wanting to work with MBC. We turned that down as well for the same reason. I can't see who it is, but it was somebody huge.
  • 3. America's Got Talent kept my father on the phone for hours -no exaggeration- for hours, trying to convince him to bring them onto AGT; all but guaranteeing they'll be doing quite well. But Miami decided not to do it. At least for now.